Uncle Peter

Who is Uncle Peter?

Where did he come from?

What whimsical tales will he tell us next?


 Uncle Peter’s True and Magical Stories


Uncle Peter is an inspirational storyteller. His stories are as ancient as the craft itself, from the gatherings of the Brothers Grimm to the anthropological discoveries of Angeles Arrien; from the native tribes of North America to the universal teaching stories of our great, great grandmothers.  Where did Uncle Peter come from?


Uncle Peter was born in 2008, during a personal growth seminar called Life Directions when I was challenged to come up with a career path and change my profession from something I had done well for 30+ years. The facilitating team helped me describe a new career that had heart and meaning as its foundation. During this time of introspection, I considered several paths but only one kept rising to the top: the notion of being a storyteller and bringing my highest truths to a broad audience. Uncle Peter’s True and Magical Stories had a very strong pull then and still does.


Uncle Peter’s audiences range from children in pre-school and kindergarten to adults who seek to be inspired and uplifted – for a moment, or as part of a longer spiritual journey.  Uncle Peter is here to entertain –the teachings come later, as you recall his words after several sleeps.


Children are inspired and captivated by the magic of Uncle Peter, and Uncle Peter’s stories remind older audiences of truths we already know, in ways we are ready to hear.

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